R+Dog Training Can Help You With...

  • Crate Training

  • Sit and Down

  • Potty Training

  • Reliable Stays

  • Wait At Door

  • Coming Reliably When Called

  • Not Pulling While on Leash

  • Jumping and Nipping Problems

  • Barking At Other Dogs

  • Barking At People

  • Growling At Children

  • Guarding Food or Toys

  • Aggression Toward People or Dogs

  • Fear of Strangers Entering The House

  • Sensitivity to Handling at the Vet or Groomer

  • Fear, Shyness, Anxiety



Initial Consultation

Start Here! All new clients are required to begin with an initial behavior consultation.


This includes:

  • A 90-minute behavior evaluation

  • Assessment of your training goals and expectations

  • Identify why behavior problems are happening

  • Identify your dog’s motivations and set up training protocols

  • Take action for short-term and long-term relief

Rate: $120 for 90 minutes



Our Programs


Private Training

We travel to your home and customize a training plan to solve complex behavior problems or common dog behavior issues. Sessions include:

  • 45-60 minutes of personalized coaching

  • Training of foundation level skills and obedience

  • Practice around distractions and different environments

  • Recommendations about your dog’s holistic care, including a daily exercise plan and mental stimulation routines

Rate: $80 for up to 60 minutes


Board & Train

Do you want a well-behaved dog, but don’t have time or energy to train them? Let us help! Your dog will stay in our home to quickly learn sit, down, stay, how to come when called, how to walk on a leash without pulling, and much more. Dogs that board with us will be treated as members of our family, and will play, eat, sleep, and learn around other dogs, people, and distractions.

Kickstarter Package: 3 nights, $270

  • Socialization with friendly resident dogs, as well as any foster dogs in our home

  • Minimum of 1 hour exercise and 1 hour training throughout the day

  • Basic impulse control training, including sit and wait for meals and at doors

  • Training field trips for socialization and obedience practice

  • Crate training and settling around the house

  • Leash manners, no pulling while on leash

  • Down stays around distractions

  • Recall, come when called

  • Potty Training

1 Week Package: 6 nights, $480

  • Includes all from Kickstarter Package

  • Additional field trips and socialization

  • Practice of behaviors and commands around distractions

2 Week Package: 13 nights, $910

  • *Our Most Popular Option*

  • Includes all from Kickstarter Package

  • Fine-tuning behaviors and commands around distractions

  • Custom training plan for your future goals and needs


DAY Training

Have a busy schedule and prefer to have your dog trained directly by a professional? We can help by training your dog one-on-one while you’re away at work or running errands! This effective option offers:

  • Convenience

  • Fast Results

  • Customized Solutions For Your Busy Life

2 Session Package: $190

  • Initial Consultation

  • 1 Training Session

5 Session Package: $350

  • Initial Consultation

  • 2 Sessions Per Week, for 2 Weeks

9 Session Package: $500

  • Initial Consultation

  • 2 Sessions Per Week, for 4 Weeks


Group Dog Training Classes

Training with R+ Dog guarantees classes that are fun, challenging, effective, and of course, positive! Browse our class selection and register online at the locations below.

*Important Class Guidelines:

  • Dogs participating in most of our group classes must be friendly (or neutral) toward unfamiliar dogs and people. If your dog lunges, barks, and/or growls at dogs or people, please see our Reactive Rover Class or our Private Training Program.

  • If you are concerned about your dog's suitability for group classes, we recommend that you contact us before enrolling.

  • Dogs must be current on their Rabies and DHLPP Vaccinations.

  • Please review our Cancellation Policies that are available at the registration links above.



Save When You Buy One of Our Special Training Packages


New Client Package

Consultation + 2 Private Lessons


~$30 Savings~


Return Client Package

2 Private Lessons


~$20 Savings~